The publications produced by the initiative, aim to bring the various aspects of the law affecting the rights and guarantees to women in the Indian legal system. It also aims to make accessible important developments in human rights and law in India. It also produces “know-your-rights” materials to increase awareness among Indian women and their partners about contraception, family planning and other reproductive health issues.


Rajasthan Orders 2017

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Available below are all of HRLN's Reproductive Rights Initative's 2017 Orders in the Rajasthan High Court.   ....
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HRLN publish new book on Child Marriage in India

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HRLN has just published its newest book on child marriage in India, the laws surrounding it, and case studies collected through fact findings. You can read the full copy of the publication below. This book is the result of a year of research missions in several states, as well ....
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#KnowYourRights Medical Termination of Pregnancy Brochure

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HRLN recently released a brochure on abortion rights, more formally known as 'medical termination of pregnancy'. The brochure details the legality of abortion, what to do if refused, the dangers of unsafe abortions, and what to do if past the legally mandated gestation period. The right to a safe ....
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#KnowYourRights Public Interest Litigation Brochure

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HRLN recently released a brochure detailing how citizens can get involved in public interest litigation. HRLN relies on members of the public acting as petitioners to ensure progressive and groundbreaking petitions are constantly being filed when reproductive rights violations occur. ....
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#KnowYourRights Child Marriage Brochure

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HRLN recently released a brochure detailing the laws surrounding child marriage, it's illegality, ill effects, and how to counter the practice. Child marriage is a gross violation of human rights and reproductive rights which disproportionately affects girls. Child marriage is a violation of reproductive rights because it inevitably leads ....
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