Modi’s cash transfer scheme for pregnant women shortsighted, healthcare quality needs attention first

By Maya Palit On social media on 1 January, I came across many quips about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s New Year’s Eve speech. “Judging from the speech, the happiest person in the country should be a 65-year-old pregnant farmer,” went one. These were, of course, prompted by Modi’s promise to introduce a ..... Read More

Presentation: Child Marriage in Odisha

During a judicial colloquium that HRLN held jointly with the Odisha Judicial Academy, Zahra Wynne, a researcher with HRLN, delivered a presentation on child marriage in Odisha. View the presentation content below.   ..... Read More

Judicial Colloquium in Odisha

  On the 17th September 2017, HRLN in partnership with the Odisha Judicial Academy held a judicial colloquium on the matter of reproductive health and rights in the State. ..... Read More

State Consultation on Using Law to Ensure Reproductive and Health Rights

Sexuality and reproduction are fundamental to human well being fulfilling relationship within diverse cultural contexts. Implicit in this vision is the idea that men and women will be able to exercise their rights to information on and access to safe, affordable and quality health care services improving access to ..... Read More

Infant Mortality and Indian Public Health Standards: Fact-Finding Mission in Banki, Odisha

In terms of the Human Development Index, the state of Odisha ranks at the bottom 22nd position (out of 23), and, according to the Planning Commission’s Tendulkar Committee Report 2009, the poverty headcount ratio of Odisha at 57.2 percent is the worst among all Indian states and ..... Read More
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