Patna High Court gives favourable order in response to the PIL on water logging in the state

Post Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

In response to the ongoing PIL on the issue of water clogging in Patna, Bihar, the Patna High Court has directed that a team be constituted and that actions be taken immediately. 

“…In that view of the matter, this Court directs that the garbage should be lifted without delay, in failure, proper action will be taken against the person responsible including the Contractor. For the purpose of monitoring the lifting of garbage as well as to identify chocked drain and in turn cleaning and draining out water, this Court would constitute a team of lawyers, they will be requested to furnish report(s) of the area assigned to them, so that the effective action can be taken in the matter of removal of water logging as well as of the dirt from the Nala and sewerage so that there should be free flow of drain water. The constitution of team will be done on the next appointed day. It has also been informed to this Court by learned Advocate General, a High Powered Committee has been constituted to enquire into the matter to examine the cause of the waterlogging and proper action will be taken against erring person, whosoever may be, this Court has hopes and trust that they will act fairly but, it is made clear that if it is not done, the Court will not be averse to constitute a High Powered Committee who will look into the matter and will find out the real person on whose action or inaction the worst situation was created and created a mess in Patna.” 

Read the full order here.