Patna High Court gives favourable order in response to the PIL on water logging in the state

In response to the ongoing PIL on the issue of water clogging in Patna, Bihar, the Patna High Court has directed that a team be constituted and that actions be taken immediately.  “…In that view of the matter, this Court directs that the garbage should be lifted without delay, in ..... Read More

Guwahati High Court delivers landmark judgement; Department of Health and Family Welfare to pay Twenty Five Lakh Rupees to Petitioner in Nagaland

  18.11.2019: In a landmark judgement, The Department to pay Twenty Five Lakh Rupees to Moba Changkai, Monyakshu village, Nagaland.   Synopsis of the case: Mon District, the eastern part of Nagaland is one of the most backward districts in the state. Monyakshu, the biggest village ..... Read More

Book Launch : Women’s Press Corps, New Delhi

    06.11.2019 -Report on Launch of “My Body, My Choice – A Human Rights Perspective of Abortion Law in India” and “Claiming Dignity, Using Law to advance Reproductive and Sexual Health Rights” on 1st November, 2019, at the Women’s Press Corps, New Delhi.  Read ..... Read More


31.10.2019 – The history of medicine and reproductive health in India is one in which women were merely mute beneficiaries rather than the active agents that they should have been. It is cluttered by scandals involving mass hysterectomies, illegal and unethical ..... Read More

Mistreatment and Coercion: Unethical Sterilization in India

  07.08.2019 – In September 2016, the Supreme Court of India directed the Union Government to ensure the discontinuation of ‘sterilization camps’ within the following three years and to induce the state governments to follow suit. It also charged the government to ..... Read More