Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Dictionary

Post Date: Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Dictionary is intended to help users understand the various terms that are widely used while in literature and conversations around Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). A huge part of SRHR is disseminating elaborate and relevant information, primarily regarding medical, legal and social dimensions of SRHR and that is exactly what this dictionary intends to do.

One can use the dictionary to understand the following:
•Understand medical terms that are used in the SRHR discourse
•Understand the basic premise of various laws, policies and their components as well as the acronyms for the same as per existing government policies of SRHR
•Understand the sociological terms that place SRHR in the context of personal identity, social relations and society at large

The terms in the dictionary are arranged in an alphabetical manner, with elaborate definitions provided to the right of the terms. Users can look up the terms in the dictionary to gain a basic understanding of them, which they can later supplement with other readings to gain a nuanced perspective. Vice the Versa, users can also use the dictionary to understand the basic meanings of new terms that they come across while reading up on SRHR. The dictionary can also aid students by guiding them with necessary information about SRHR. In short, users can rely on this dictionary to provide them with a fundamental explanation of terms used while discussing Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.

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