Yazali CHC Fact Finding Report Arunachal Pradesh

Post Date: Monday, July 1, 2019


01.06.2019: In light of the statistical data about both Arunachal Pradesh and Lower Subansiri, which have been presented in the introduction, this fact-finding report seeks to investigate the fulfilment of the right to health, in the form of the Indian Public Health Standards, in Yazali Sub-district, Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh.

The research for this fact-finding report was conducted by social activists of the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), who visited Yazali Community Health Centre in April 2019. In addition, other health facilities in the Lower Subansiri District were also visited during the same fact-finding mission. 

The visit to Yazali Community Health Centre consisted of two main methodological approaches:

  • A physical inspection of the Yazali CHC’s premises in their current state.
  • Interviews with healthcare workers at Yazali CHC included but not limited to doctors, nurses, specialists and administrative staff.

The identities nor the specific designations are disclosed in the fact-finding report for privacy concern.

Read the full report here: