State Consultation on Using Law to Ensure Reproductive and Health Rights

Post Date: Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sexuality and reproduction are fundamental to human well being fulfilling relationship within diverse cultural contexts. Implicit in this vision is the idea that men and women will be able to exercise their rights to information on and access to safe, affordable and quality health care services improving access to quality reproductive health services by gender sensitive providers. There are several reproductive health concerns in India which need to be addressed in order to improve reproductive health status of people. India’s skewed sex ratio and gender disparities in education, lack of awareness of contraception methods, poor health care services, performance of procedures related to women’s reproductive and sexual health without the woman’s consent, including forced sterilization, and forced abortion, denial of access to services that only women require, lack of access to sex education, rapid urbanization the problems all of which disproportionally affect poor Dalit and Tribal women, children, adolescents, economic migrants, ethnic and religious minorities.