Minuara Begum case

Post Date: Thursday, February 2, 2017

The case of Minuara Begum comes to show the fatal consequences of not providing adequate health facilities for pregnant women. Her right to health was grossly violated leading to her death. Minuwara’s twin babies died after three days of her death. She lost her life to Post-Partum Hemorrhage shock with retained placenta and anemia as the antecedent causes.

The health care provided for Minuwara was grossly inadequate and violates several rights and legal obligations of the state. Her right to safe pregnancy and to survive delivery was violated. She had an entitlement to adequate medical facilities that was not provided. This case shows the clear non-implementation of both the JSY and JSSK scheme. Furthermore, the state failed to ensure equal treatment for underprivileged sections of society.

The fact finding team witnessed failure in providing timely and much need health care at all stages. The system designed to provide adequate care for pregnant women was not administered properly. Poor prenatal care in general and postnatal care in particular is what ultimately led to the death of Minuwara Begum.

The events in this case constitutes violation of multiple rights provided by the constitution, including the fundamental right to health, right to pregnancy and survive delivery, right to be treated with dignity and guaranteed access to medical services regardless of status.