Madhya Pradesh State Government fined Rs 10,000 by the High Court for failure to respond to PIL

Post Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

HRLN received at order from the High Court of Madhya Pradesh dated September 2017. The petitioner had filed a PIL regarding the violation of schemes guaranteed under the National Health Mission, such as JSY and JSSK, which are supposed to provide access to free maternal healthcare to those who cannot afford it. 

The State failed to provide a response within the allotted timeframe. Considering this, the Judge gave the State a further 15 days to reply, but fined the State Rs. 10,000.

'The inability of women to survive pregnancy and child birth violates her fundamental rights to life as guaranteed under Art. 21 of the Constitution of India.'

You can refer to photographs of the order below.

MP Order20172 MP Order 2017 middle image MP Order 20173