Jaffar Ullah and Anr. v. Union of India and Ors; The Rights of Rohingaya Refugees

Post Date: Monday, May 30, 2016

Jaffar Ullah and Anr. v. Union of India and Ors. demands that Rohingya refugees from Myanmar living in slovenly camps in Delhi and Mewat district, Haryana have access to regular employment opportunities, adequate shelter, proper nutrition, clean water, toilet facilities, education, maternal, paediatric and other health care and that the Union of India and the governments of Delhi and Haryana not shirk responsibility towards them on the basis of their non-citizenship.

The Rohingya people are a minority community of about 800,000 people from Myanmar. The government of Myanmar officially declared the Rohingya as “Stateless Bengali Muslims” in 1982. Myanmar’s Citizenship law denies citizenship to the Rohingya. They have been officially robbed of their basic civil, political, social and cultural rights. Escaping violence and discrimination, they came to India in 2012 to seek refuge. 

The petitioners pray that the respondents ensure genuine implementation of government schemes and aid that fortify their rights to life, health, dignity and equality.